Startrail Session VII

No, we’re not talking about Final Fantasy VII! We’re going on another Startrail session!

We’ll be doing it in September 6th.
We’ll meet up in Mishref CO-OP by 16:00, leave by 16:30, and arrive there by hopefully 18:30

So we had 6 Public Startrail sessions in the past, this is our 7th. If you’re interested in stargazing and clicking pictures away, you probably don’t want to miss this.

Alright, if you attended Startrail Session V and felt unsatisfied, this might make up to it.

How to register?

All you need to do is contact me bu one of these methods

Meeting up

As usual, we’ll meet up in the parking lot across the street from Mishref CO-OP by 16:00, leave by 16:30 (17:00 max).


We should arrive by 18:00 ~ 18:30. We’ll arrive in a quiet place so don’t get too freaked out

What to prepare

  • Photography-wise
    • A camera with cable release (And don’t you forget it. I ALWAYS DO)
    • A memory card that’d hold 500 pictures. Not that you’ll use them all, but just in case. A rough estimation:
      • If your sensor is 18MP and below, 16GB is perfect
      • If your sensor is bigger than 18MP, bring a couple of 16GB sticks
    • A tripod. I’d honestly recommend a heavy and stable one, but light one could work
    • Lenses:
      • If you want to do startrails or take pictures of the sky in general, a 18-55mm lens maximum. I recommend anything below (A fisheye lens works wonders).
      • If you want to take pictures of a specific object, well, you most likely know what you’re doing so can’t recommend a lens for you
    • Patience
  • Generally
    • Food and drinks
    • Mats and chairs
    • Hoodies. You’ll never know, can get chill
    • Flashlights

General tips and hints

  1. Point your camera toward Polaris (North Pole). Stars rotates around it.
  2. If you want to do startrails, don’t use BULB mode. Stack 20~30 seconds long pictures with this software.
  3. Set your ISO to anywhere above 300. I’d personally recommend anything between 400 and 1600.
  5. Raise your aperture (As in, drop the f-stops number) as much as you can!.
  6. If you want to take pictures of Milkyway
    1. Raise the ISO to anything from 800 to 3200.
    2. Set your shutter speed to 5 ~ 15 seconds.
    3. Set a 10 seconds timer (Count down before taking pictures).
    4. Use your cable, not the shutter button on the camera. Do this so you don’t shake up your camera.
  7. Patience. Lots and lots of it.

And just so you know, we might see some good shooting stars!

Let’s all enjoy this trip!


6 thoughts on “Startrail Session VII

    1. I’m actually considering doing it. But needs a set of tough equipments, I guess…

      I’m actually considering it right now…….. Time to pull some possible strings!

    1. Sorry, by the time you replied, I’ve already reached an area where there’s no good coverage so I couldn’t reply by that time.

      No, expats are more than welcome to join.

      I’ll probably hold up another session soon

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