Startrail Session V

No, not Combattler V, V as the number 5! This is the 5th time it happens 😀

Last month, we had a REALLY good time, met awesome people, heard the funniest stories, fooled around without being judged (Yes, I can’t fool around as much at work).

These are the results from last session:


Chasing the stars @ Al salmi desert in Kuwait
with Master Jes Reyes – 7200 seconds
15th March 2013 — with Jose Eric Beltran, Amber G. Ramento and Amier Ramirez

startrail at alSalmi desert
By Rashed AlTararwa


startrail at alSalmi deser
By Rashed AlTararwa


Stars by Bader Hassan


Stars by Bader Hassan


Stars by Bader Hassan


Stars by Bader Hassan


Stars by Bader Hassan


By The Generalist


By The Generalist


By The Generalist


By The Generalist


By The Generalist


Salmi Desert-Star Trails
By Cajie


Shooting star in AlSalmi!


AlSalmi Startrails 2013-03-15
AlSalmi Startrails 2013-03-15!

So yea, same drill, April 12th, we didn’t see the milkyway properly last time because the timing was off. But the stars were amazing nevertheless!. And this time, it’ll be a good timing. I have some apps that helps :3

The weather will be warm. But bring a long-sleeve just in case it went chilly.

We will be meeting HERE: The parking lot right next to Mishref CO-OP that belongs to a school by 17:00.

We will leave the parking lot by 17:30. So you better pack before leaving.
It doesn’t matter which car you have. Any car would do since we’ll be stopping somewhere like ~100 meters off a street. I usually go with my Mitsubishi Lancer. If this car can make it, a bicycle can!

Arrival (Not the series, damn it!):
On average, it’s around an hour drive. So we should be reaching there by 18:30. Give a 30 minutes error buffer. We’ll be in a light-isolated area so we can enjoy a better view. (Not fully isolated though; passing cars and some towers can be a tad of an issue. But nothing serious).

It should be clear (Unless weather went angry… Let’s hope it doesn’t), quiet, and dark. Like, Darth Vader could sneak up to you and creep you out by saying “THIS IS B.B.C”

Put two cups of sugar in the bow… Bring food, water, mat\carpet, chairs, flashlights, trash bags

If you’re going to bring a camera, better follow these guidelines:
1) A camera with shutter\aperture\ISO control ability (We’re in 2013. But some old Panasonic cameras doesn’t have that)
2) A lens that’s maximum 18mm (Your standard 18-55mm could do).
3) A cable release for your camera. If you can’t, bring papers and rubberbands. We’ll do it the ghetto way!
4) A tripod! Better be relatively heavy to resist wind or air currents And to beat zombies in the head! Can’t be safe!
5) Memories and batteries! Trust me in this, I tend to forget those!

Please try to enjoy the view as much as you can. It’s dark, the stars are shining bright Not like diamonds… Diamonds don’t shine, they reflect!.
That means lights can be a problem to our scene, let alone cameras and pictures if you’re going for this.

I will have to go over everyone and check up on them if they’re having any trouble clicking away or something. But it’s better being ready.
It’s dark, so you need to raise the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture (By raising aperture, it means reducing the aperture number).
If you’re going to do a startrails:

  • 1) Point your camera to North Pole (Polaris)
  • 2) Set your shutter speed to 20 ~ 30 seconds.
  • 3) Set your ISO to 400 ~ 1600.
  • 4) Set your aperture to anything below 3.5f
  • 5) Lock your cable release and wait for an hour maybe (I usually wait till I exhaust my memory\battery)

You’ll need to try few shots until you’re satisfied with a result then lock up your cable.

If you’re going there to take pictures of stars (Or milkyway):

  • 1) Point your camera to your desired spot
  • 2) Raise the ISO to 800 ~ 3200.
  • 3) Set your aperture to anything below 3.5f
  • 4) Set your shutter speed to 5~15 seconds.
  • 5) Set 10 seconds timer
  • 6) Shoot using your cable release, not the camera button.


  • 19:30 to 03:30 (The top of the milkyway which is faint and barely visible)
  • 00:30 to 04:30 (Close to the milkyway’s center which should be so damn visible

If you’re not planning to take pictures, lay down on your back and enjoy the view.

If you’d like to participate, please contact me using the following:
BBM: 2A23D375 (I barely use it)
Twitter: @Q8GEEK (Instant and quick replies)
Email: webmaster at q8geeks dot org
Contact Form: HERE

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  1. hi , how can i join the startrail session? and is girls ok to join or is it like a guys diwaniya thingy ??

  2. Nice info here. Would appreciate if you can inform me with regards to the location and how to reach, if you are aware of the geographical coordinate that would be perfect. Thanks in advance

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