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14 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi, I wanted to take up electronics and was looking to buy arduino boards etc. is there anywhere in Kuwait I can get this stuff or do I have to get it posted from overseas?

    Many thanks, Paul

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have any Django tutorial here since I never tried it personally.
      I’m sure you’d find plenty online, just google it.

      If not, search in Reddit. You’d probably find good and easy tutorials

  2. Hi there,
    good job
    plz can u tell me from where to buy arduino boards and XBee, i want to build my own tracked vehicle using arduino, xbee and ultrasonic sensor just for fun and to kill time, i am a computer engineer and i have experience with microcontrollers, but i didnt find good electronics shop in kuwait, i am trying to find a robots and electronics community.

  3. Hello, is there a way or a store to obtain a Raspberry Pi without going through the hassle of shipping it from overseas ?
    I live in Kuwait and a raspberry pi is a linux board 🙂

  4. Hi q8Geek,
    Ive been following your site now and Im happy I found one Arduino geek here in Kuwait. Im just starting to learn Arduino and read articles from the net for a hobby and past time while staying here. Please tell me where can I buy Arduino boards and Kits for a beginner from a local shop in Kuwwait. Thanks in advance.

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