Kuwait Game Jam 2016

Kuwait Game Jam
29th September – 1st October 2016
Sirdab Lab, Dasman Complex, Basement

What is Kuwait Game Jam?

It’s an event to develop games in a span of three days following a theme that will be announced on the first day.

Who is it for?

Virtually speaking, anyone who’s interested in joining a team to make a video game. So if you’re a programmer, artist, graphic designer, 3D artist, musician, sound engineer, storyteller, or just want to help out a team, you’re welcome to participate, and you will most likely find a role in a team!

What’s the schedule like?

Thursday (15:00 to 23:00)

  • 15:00 to 16:00 – Check in
  • 16:00 to 16:30 – Introductory speech, words from our venue owners
  • 16:30 to 17:30 – Introduction to Unity3D
  • 17:30 to 18:30 – Coffee break
  • 19:00 to 20:00 – Theme announcement, ideas pitching, teams formation, and members registration online

Friday (14:00 to 23:00)

  • 14:00 to 18:00 – Deadline for teams registration

Saturday (10:00)

  • 18:00 – Deadline for games submission
  • 19:00 – Game presentations and demos

Where’s the event?

Thanks to Sirdab Lab’s generosity, the event will be hosted in their venue. It’ll be in Dasman Complex, in the basement:

Link to their location on Google Maps.

What skills do I need to participate?

You don’t have to be a professional. It would be a great addition if you are, but it’s not necessary.

You don’t have to be a programmer. Yes, programming is a vital role in making a video game, but musicians and artists are as vital.

You can join a team and help them with things like documenting, testing, setting up props and contents. Doing this will save the team a lot of time. Pick one; floaters aren’t allowed.

If you know how to use image editing software, like, paint and GIMP, you’re technically a graphic designer.

If you know how to trim audio clips with software, like, Audacity, you’re technically a sound engineer.

If you know how to draw a stick figure, you’re technically an artist.

If you know how to make very basic 8-bit music, You’re technically a musician.

The little skills usually do count. You might even discover new skills too!

Am I limited to a set of software?

Absolutely not! You can use whatever software you like and familiar with!

But to start with, here’s an example of tools you can use:

Do I need to bring my own team?

Although there’s no rule against participating with your own team, Kuwait Game Jam is about making video games in teams, and it’s also a networking event where you’d connect with other participants who have similar interests. So as much as we encourage working on teams, I highly suggest you team up with participants to discover talents and learn new skills.

Any special rules I must follow?

  • Participants must be physically in Kuwait and must at least attend the first and last days.
  • Participants must join Kuwait Game Jam in Itch.io and submit their games through Itch.io.
  • Participants must not use a premade projects. However, graphical assets and code snippets are allowed.
  • Participants must agree to share their names and emails to the venue owners to be added to their newsletter.
  • All rights reserved to participant teams. However, Kuwait Game Jam reserve the right to market and advertise the submitted projects.
  • Teams must be formed the first day of the event.
  • Team members can change teams up until the second day, 18:00.
  • A team can have four members max.
  • Participants who can’t find a team will team together, or their registration will be revoked.
  • All games must follow the Kuwait Game Jam’s theme.
  • The theme is unknown. It will be revealed first day, 19:00.
  • Organizers have the right to deny participants from participating in order to protect the event’s success.
  • Organizers have the right to reject games and projects ideas to protect the event’s success.
  • Organizers have the right to ban participants if they believe their participation is toxic.

I’m in! How do I register?

Easy, just register here:

Who owns my game?

You do. You have all the rights to your game, as a team. However, we reserve the right to demonstrate and display your projects as we see fit.


This event is mostly for fun. Problems and conflicts happen, we disagree while working, and during the period of the event you might get a little stressed, but just remember to enjoy yourself and let the others have a good time too.