Startrail Session IV

Alrighty, this is the first I do this since I returned from my trip.

This time will be a tad different from previous sessions because the weather is warming up so you won’t be freezing to death… Almost…

It’ll be in March 15th, we’ll hopefully gather by Mishref CO-OP by 18:00. And PLEASE contact at most a day earlier!

What could you possibly do in the middle of the desert!?

Well, these:
A shooting star [November, 14th, 2012]
AlSalmi Startrail [November 14th, 2012]
Startrailing the Milkyway - AlSalmi, Kuwait
AlSalmi Milkyway
AlSalmi Startrail for ~1:30'00"
Milkyway [August, 12th, 2012]
Startrail AlSalmi [August 12th, 2012]

Anyway, for those who attended previous sessions know how to reach me and the drill we go through.

For those who don’t, please read.

Basically, Startrail session is where we hit the desert and isolate ourselves from optical pollution (Street lights and civilization) to stargaze. The weather should be friendly to do this.

What you’d expect:
* Silence. No really, it’s so quiet in there!
* Clear sky. You can see the milkyway and, if we’re lucky, few shooting stars!
* Crescent. That means no moonlight (At least not to an extend) that’ll disturb the scene.
* Informality. Yes, we’re there to have fun. Not resolve diplomatic problems!
* Network coverage. I understand we all want to get in touch. Fortunately, the network coverage is bad. Seriously, we’re there to get out of civilization!
* FIRE!. I have a small grill to use. I might even set up a small bonfire… Maybe…

What you wouldn’t expect:
* Chill weather. We might be in the desert and in March. but bring a sweater or long-sleeved whatever to wear just in case it got chilled.
* Booze/Weed. Yes, if I ever caught you doing that, I’ll report you myself. Bad history.
* Formality. As I said earlier; we’re here to have fun. Not discuss world hunger or riots in Egypt!
* Trash. No, we won’t pick up your trash. We all pick up our own trash. Not that it happened, but just in case. We leave as we came (Minus charcoal)

What we expect:
* Food. BYOF (Bring your own food). No really, we’d be happy to share. But bring yours to make sure we’re all stuffed.
* Behavior. We’re all adults and matured.
* Flash lights. I really can’t explain that. It’ll be dark and flashlights will be useful.
* Chairs\Carpets. You’d probably need to bring a carpet and maybe a chair.
* Camera equipments. If you’re going to click pictures away, you’ll need a good tripod, wide lens (18-55mm would do good), shutter release, batteries, and memory cards!

Please leave a comment or contact me if you’d like to tag along or have a question about this 😀

21 thoughts on “Startrail Session IV

    1. Thanks for coming yesterday, Edger. Was a pleasure to meet you.
      We’ll be doing it next week so I hope you can make it 😀

  1. “* Booze/Weed. Yes, if I ever caught you doing that, I’ll report you myself. Bad history.”

    now I know why no one takes you seriously … get that stick out of your ass, buddy.

  2. Hello. Can my 15 year old daughter come along as she is learning photography and this will be a great experience for her. Till what time we plan to be out in the night.

    1. As long as you’re fine with her tagging along, I’m (And hopefully all of us are) fine with it 😀

      I personally stay till very late. But you can leave whenever you may

  3. I am going to come. However, since my place is on the way, I don’t plan to drive all the way to Mishref and then back again. I will hook up with the team either at the Jahra Tent marketplace (just after crossing Jahra), or at the exit road which goes into the desert.

    1. You already know how to get there. So I’ll just send you the location whenever we settle somewhere 😀

      1. That will be cool. As long as you guys are within eyesight distance of the road, I should find you easily.

  4. Hello, shoot me an email of the location, I’m quite interested in this!
    been a while since i’ve found a cool photography group to go out with.

  5. hi! can i join you in this event? if yes,
    can you send me your contact number and the map for the meeting point.. thanx in advanced 🙂

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