“Like a sir” first attempt

OK, the story to make this concept goes back when I was in Poland.

Y’see, I bought my dad this cane and, well, I couldn’t fit it in my bad so I had to walk with it. While I was doing that (And taking advantage of people treating my extra nice), I felt like a sir… So I decided to contribute and make one (And who knows, maybe 9gag it).

Anyway, this is just water-testing shots and soon will have real ones :3

7 thoughts on ““Like a sir” first attempt

    1. Or perhaps you should know that there are so many types of knots and what I did was Full Windsor which, well, referring to this, isn’t a bad choice. I could’ve gone for half Windsor or four-in-hand, but the full windsor is the better choice because the collar is a bit wider than what half windsor and four-in-hand can handle.

      I hope you’re not referring to a bow-tie which isn’t what the first image shows.

      Also, perhaps you should know the difference between each knots and why they’re used.

  1. WTH is so good, classy, and Kuwaiti about these fake photos??!! what resemblance to Kuwaitiness is this?? how would you sell us a photo of a young looking duke or whatever?? or is it the facial hair that made you believe he was the right man for the shoot?? it takes more than that you amateur!

    1. 1) Why not mention your real name while bashing out at me, Osama Sundhu
      2) “Anyway, this is just water-testing shots and soon will have real ones :3″. I wrote this for a reason!
      3) If you don’t know Feel like a sir meme, you wouldn’t understand the concept of this shot.
      4) That dude is me. I took this picture of myself (With the help of my friend) testing out portraits and model\people photography.
      5) This got nothing to do with being Kuwaiti or classy, just a joke\meme I wanted to mimic.
      6) Sell you a photo? Please, you should really know which blog you’re targeting. Find me one sentence that mentions “Selling pictures” in here.
      7) Please, take a moment and explore this blog’s contents and nature. You’ll realize how bad of a mistake you made by posting such comment.
      8) I am a hobbyist, not your average amateur. Portrait and people\model photography are new things to me which is why I’m sharing this picture for laughs AND to test waters. And technically speaking, this picture isn’t so bad (My only failure is lighting).
      9) Amateur? Please, by all means, share your work.
      10) Just because “KuwaitBlogSuck” brought me up in a post doesn’t make my blog just another average Kuwaiti blog.
      11) And last but not least, Penis.

    2. Also, if you replied with as ignorant reply as this, I’m signing your email to gay and dating websites just to spam your inbox for teh lulz.

      This serves as a troll warning.

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