Avenged Sevenfold Abu Dhabi (May, 4th, 2012)

So yeah, this is another unusual post for me to wrote, but should be done because, well, it caused me to have a voice of a granny…

Anyway, Avenged Sevenfold pulled up a concert I will never forget. I will say this as awesome as possible, they de-virginized my concerts virginity and I’m so glad that its them that they did 😛 (Disgusting, I know… But best to express how I feel about it).

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to bring a camera and start clicking. But, I was able to pick up some phone shots which, well, they sucked…

And this, is a picture in memory of their ex-drummer R.I.P

You thought I’m stable there and not acting up because I’m just, well, antisocial and shy?
Check this out (I couldn’t hold myself from jumping to Critical Acclaim):

And this is “Welcome to the Family”… Still bad audio quality because I’m using my phone…

2 thoughts on “Avenged Sevenfold Abu Dhabi (May, 4th, 2012)

    1. Its not a disaster because the audio was bad. It is because the phone’s microphone can’t handle the awesome bass.

      Pretty much any general-purpose device would produce the same thing.

      Being there was just… Just… Eargasmic

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