Your MacBook Pro 17″ locks up when you abuse it?

So, did your Snow Leopard feel so cold?

Apparently, the new MacBook Pro 17″ crashes when you abuse it graphics-wise (And maybe process wise too)!

If you check the source, you’ll see Apple forum with people complaining about their new MacBook Pro 17″ 2011 with AMD\ATi chipset lock-freezing while heavily operating it (Mostly video editing) and the fans would go crazy fast then just stop!

One interesting reply in the forum that grabbed my attention was that someone tried VMWARE and BOOTCAMP while playing games and operating heavily and things worked well without crashing the whole thing. Which could mean there are driver issues with Mac OSX and AMD\ATi (Since it runs well on Windows either bootcamped or VMWAREed).

If it’s just that (Not yet another hardware failure), then it’ll be just a matter of time to be fixed… Then again, almost every early adopters faces issues (ADOPTERS NOT ADAPTERS!!! JEEEEEZ!!)

So yea, next time you crap a joke about Windows BSOD (Which barely happens nowadays… Still happens, but not as often as it used to at all), remember this issue, and this video:

Old, but still fun to watch… A stab in the eye!


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