Who wants an Arduino UNO R3?

Well, so far, I’ve received at least 6 emails asking me if there’s a shop that sells Arduino boards.

I don’t know of any, so I decided to order a small batch and resell them to whoever is interested.

Not giving’em for free. I want to make a small profit. So I’m not sure about how much I’d be selling them, but it should be very close to 10KD a board.

Drop me a line if you are. My first batch is really small. But if I got a good request, I’ll order more’n’more’n’more!

If you’re not in a hurry and you don’t feel like dealing with costumes and ARAMEX and don’t mind shedding a KD or two more than the original price, drop me a message and I’ll be happy to reserve you a board (Or let you know that you’re unlucky if I reached my quota… And maybe taunt you for that :P).

If you’re in a god damn hurry and want to save as much bucks as possible, well, you can always check SparkFun or adafruit and order from there 😀

2 thoughts on “Who wants an Arduino UNO R3?

  1. Well, I can only provide Arduino at the time being since I’M THE AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR HERE IN KUWAIT!!


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