Using Polarie for the first time

Milkyway using Polarie

As half-pretty as this picture looks, it was an eye opening experience for me.

Let me explain how hard it is to take pictures of the Milky Way so you guys now how fun this is:

If you do short exposure with higher ISO, you’d get rubbish noise.
If you do short exposure with lower ISO, you’d get black pictures with few dots.
If you do long exposure with high ISO, picture would be so damn bright and kill some details.
If you do long exposure with low ISO, picture would have heat noise (Which is uglier than ISO noise).

If this isn’t enough to get you in a dilemma, check this out:
If you do 25″ and more, you start getting star trails.

Well, Vixen Polarie helps tackle the star trails problem by actually tracking up the sky motion so you can have longer exposure with no star trails. I did up to 10 minutes fawlessly.

The picture you see above is taken with 308″ and ISO200. Of course, I failed because the noise heat uglified it. But hey, I have a good start now, I only need to practice more 😀

As a bonus, here’s a picture of an FJ Cruiser backgrouned by Milky Way:
FJ and Milkyway

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