Taking Nyancat addiction to a different level!

OK, everyone knows how obsessed I am with Nyancat.

And apparently, someone took it to another level:

Yes, Nyancat in Unreal Tournament!

It’s a mod for Unreal Tournament where you can shoot Nyancats out of a redeemer made by Cr4zyB4st4rd! You can download it here.

Also, I encountered something in 9GAG which made my computer much more awesomer; modding my Windows’ loading bar and replacing it with a Nyancat as shown below:

Here’s a video I recorded of what you’d expect (It gets cranky, but still fun to watch! Also, the song starts when you move a file, I swear I didn’t play it!):

You can find the tool here with instructions on how to install\uninstall.

I hope one of dem Linux fanboys comes up with a similar thing for KDE\GNOME\WHATEVER :3

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