Stupid Cat v2.0.8 is in Google Play Store now!

I’ve been wanting to push this out, like, a month ago. But whenever I try to submit it, I discover a bug that I can squish, a new way to make the game run a tad smoother, or I think of a new thing to add. So I’ve been back and forth on this.

Last night, I submitted my 2nd stage of my game. Soon I’ll be working on the Arabic version, then the iOS version. So until then, you can enjoy the English Android version!

If you already have it in your phone, you’ve probably updated the game by now. If not, click/scan the code below and download it. It’s free and ads-free!


7 thoughts on “Stupid Cat v2.0.8 is in Google Play Store now!

  1. ios?!! My, how times have changed. Or perhaps, just perhaps, someone is finally accepting the reality of being a grownup.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Well, there’s a high demand by dear people for iOS.
      That being said, I grew up enough to live by “Technology exist by one’s convenience, not personal ignorant liking”.

      Thanks for your comment though (Genuinely speaking) 😀

  2. Ok, I’ve been playing “New unity project 15” and noticed the following:

    1. Your Game still has issues that manifest themselves in interesting ways: In the old version, you would get stuck between the street blocks until they disappeared and you fall to your doom. In the version before that, I think, you have infinite jumps in mid air. This version, you can speed up time, and have infinite mid air jumps. All these bugs are triggered when you tap excessively at the screen as the game loads the stage.

    I’m starting to suspect that your adding these bugs on purpose, on which case I applaud you. They are what I enjoy the most when playing your games. The disappearing ground bug is my favorite.

    2. Still no options menu and no way to turn of the bgm. There’s a reason why game critics focus on options menus when reviewing games: Some, like a certain YouTube figure whom I shall not name, go as far as making it a significant factor in their final assessment. People are different. Issues that might not be significant to some, are absolutely game-breaking for others. I played the game with my device muted. I did not enjoy the lack of sfx.

    Games are a medium that affords modification. There is no reason not to provide it, especially when it’s a single boolean variable.

    Keep up the good work, Mr. famous top hat man.

    1. Damn, you just stripped me up!
      There are things that I didn’t see them coming by converting my game from Unity4 to Unity5, including the damn name! X”D

      I didn’t know about the infinite jumps during the loading screen. I don’t think it’ll be too hard to fix, I’ll probably settle that today. The previous version had a problem where you can jump in infinite if you pause the screen and you’re on the ground. But the loading screen didn’t occur to me so I’ll get on that.

      The options button to disable the BGM\SFX is, well, wasn’t essential in my perspective. But I understand that they’re annoying (Which is the sole reason the game is called “StupidCat”, but now “New unity project 15”). I’ll work on that in the next major release since I’ll be adding indicators when power-ups run out (I’m just thinking of how to present those).

      Believe me, what you did to strip my game was nothing but awesome and I genuinely and sincerely thank you for it. It’ll only make me improve my game (And in general, my skills).

      Thanks a lot 😀

    2. Alright, I just fixed the “Jumping while loading” thing. I’m ashamed of this mistake really.
      I have two boolean flags that refers to “Is the cat touching the ground” and “Can the cat jump”.
      And because the game starts while the cat is in mid-air, they’re set to true by default so the cat can jump infinitely. I just had to set them to false at the beginning on the level so the cat can fall to the ground then these two values can reset and work as they’re supposed to.

      The name thingy was a textbox that I didn’t see and change. That happened because converting from Unity3 to Unity5 doesn’t retail all these little details (That goes for the tiny SplashScreen too!).

      Next big release will address the BGM/SFX issue and add few other things.

      Keep on finding them bugs so I can squish them damn bugs 😀

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