Qualcomm next-gen Snapdragon could have 2.5GHz!?

Man, this is unfair! I just bought my HTC HD7!

According to Engadget, next-gen Snapdragon CPUs will feature the following:
* 2.5GHz
* Multicores (One, Two and Four)
* WiFi, GPS, Stereoscopic 3D capture and playback (Say what?), Bluetooth, FM and LTE
* %150 performance boost
* %65 power consumption drop
* Includes Adreno 320 GPU (up to four 3D cores)

Dual-core samples of this tiny monster will be available as early as this year’s 2nd quarter while the uni-cornimeancore and quad-core will be available in early 2012.

It’s OK HTC HD7… I still love you…


One thought on “Qualcomm next-gen Snapdragon could have 2.5GHz!?

  1. I think this is their reply to nVidia Tegra2 with dual core 🙂
    Maybe if i find a great phone with this processor I might replace my Galaxy S

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