Qlendar: Whats in it so far

Alright, this post will explain what features Qlendar have so far:

What unregistered users can do:
+ Browse and search for events
+ Comment on events (Their comments will be held to be approved)

What registered users can do:
+ Submit events
+ Modify their profiles and add their website and twitter name (Will get back to the twitter name later)
+ Comment on events (With instant approval)

What the website does:
+ At around 11:00, our twitter bot tweets whatever events are occurring.
+ Our twitter bot will mention events and whoever submitted them but either their username or twitter name (Told you I’ll get back to it later :P)
+ Syncing options with your personal calendar (Google, iCal)
+ You can tweet or share through facebook
+ You can report inappropriate contents (User\event)
+ Detects your browser and recommends downloading the app if you’re on a supported platform (Windows Phone 7 and Android at the time being)

What does the mobile apps offer (As of v2.0):
+ Easier navigation
+ Syncing with your local calendar
+ Contact event holder (Call, email, visit website)
+ Quick share (Whatever way possible; email, facebook, twitter, SMS … etc)

What else?
+ Ironing and tweaking Qlendar’s engine
+ Implementing better jQuery functionality
+ Geotags for maps (And directions on mobiles)
+ Images as posters or to add for event’s gallery
+ SSL so users can log in through mobiles (Disabled at the moment)
+ Implementing OAuth
+ Better artwork and design

Please let me know if you have any feature or functionality you’d like to discuss or suggest. This project cannot grow up without feedback!

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