Q8GEEKS.ORG is now 5 years old!

Yep, 5 years passed since I first time wrote my Hello, world! post.

Q8GEEKS.ORG took many goals diversions and alterations. It matured and grew up. And I did alongside.

Thanks to Q8GEEKS.ORG, I met great people, experienced and learned great stuff, had crazy opportunities, and peanuts!

No really, I am what I am right now because of this blog: it exposed me to people and perspectives that affected my personality and my own perspective about stuff.

I mean, seriously, who would’ve thought I’d grow up and be 27 while maintaining my inner 12-years-old child (And to make it worse, I became a Microsoft Fanboy! Yes! LAUGH!)

This blog wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for many people. Some are disconnected off my life (Thank god!) and some became real close friends. But nevertheless, this blog wouldn’t have existed without some people’s existence.

Right now, I’m in Stockholm (Day madri cham), sick with nashla and its derivatives (Thank you Hussein, you ass!). I still have Tromso, Oslo, Reykjavik and Copenhagen to visit/ruin.

I know I promised to keep this blog running while I’m out there. But as it turns out, it’s harder to keep track. I’ll probably just stick to a post a country to summarize all the corruption we’ve spread with each country/area and all.

Thanks to this trip, meeting up with friends before I leave, and having Q8GEEKS.ORG running for 5 years, I realized that I really REALLY need to spend more geek time with my computers and gadgets.

So, goals? For the next year, I’ll be carrying these out:
1. I will not write a review or impression of a gadget that I don’t own or poorly reviewed by 28374629383 other Kuwaiti bloggers.
2. My hands will be covered with solder stench, cookie crumbs and grounded coffee (I do this when I’m in trance with coding)
3. I will spend more time with the blog and Q8GEEKS in general (Probably a podcast, comic, or even peanuts).
4. I will *sigh* learn python.
5. I will build an instagram alternative for great justice!
6. I will still lurv mudkipz!
7. I will do a geeky thing a week and just post about it (Probably includes torturing my nieces and nephews… That sounds nice)

Again, this blog wouldn’t have existed without the silent readers, random people who comments every once in a while, friends who keeps on suggesting things and gave me their hand in the darkest hours, people who actually asked me to open up a website/blog, those who I proved wrong in both tech and photography, those who had a direct or indirect impact with the blog, and last, but not least, God for allowing me to live until this moment and on.

Today marks a new diversion and a new approach to the blog. This will go in a different direction that I’ve been avoiding for the longest time. But it has to be done. Will surprise you when I’m back home (Since I don’t have my laptop here with my stuff. Or else I could’ve done so many things while I’m away).

Thank you everyone!

I know I’m not supposed to do this and this will be rubbed on my face as long as eternity, but here’s a picture of me wearing a husky hat!

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