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Dear 2015,

I’m writing this post to you and this will be the last thing you’d hear from me. Your sister, 2016, will take care of me afterwards.
You’ve been good to me. My blind faith in you wasn’t a mistake. In fact, it was underestimated.
I’m sure your older brother, 2014, is proud of you and the bumpy journey we had together.

You went by so fast, it felt like a day. I’m grateful to you in so many ways.

You sparked some pistons in my life that I thought they rusted out.
You gave me the courage to say “No” where I couldn’t say it before.
You gave me the courage to open doors I was afraid of opening knowing how they’ll change my life.
You gave me the courage to stand up and behave naturally (Which in so many cases, childishly and playfully) in situations where such behavior could have severe consequences.
You gave me the courage to sound my thoughts politely even if it offended someone.
You threw some disappointments in my dish only to have them harden my will to stand up and take few extra steps.
You had me do things for no personal benefits. In fact, it cost me more than the reward. You had me realize little rewards can outweigh bigger costs.

You left a tougher me to deal with for your younger sister, 2016, than your older brother, 2014, left for you to deal with.

And as much as I had blind faith in you, I have more faith in your younger sister. I feel sorry for her already, though. I’ll have to face some decisions and events that’ll change the rest of my life. It might polish me even more, or just destroy me beyond salvage.

Scary, I know. But thrilling and exciting and interesting.

2015, you were good to me like how your older brother, 2014, was good to me. I will make sure 2016 won’t disappoint you.


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