Oh Apple, you’re an endless source of facepalm (Mac OSX Lion)

And yes, we’re back into Apple bashing mode… Don’t you miss it?

First, I’d like to clarify that I ironically and unfortunately own an iPad 2 64GB 3G. Given to me by work to learn it and provide support to my co-workers. And I’ll be honest, the device (As a hardware) isn’t so bad yet isn’t so good. I use it to read emails, skype (While showering to disturb friends or driving) and listen to trance music while showering. It crashed on me 7 times so far and I haven’t even jailbroke it yet!

Now, Apple Keynote kicked in few days ago and I honestly wanted to see what goes around in Apple. I mean, I grew up and now if a technology is useful and does my needs, I’d go with it regardless who made it (I don’t care anymore).

So, I did watch the first ~28 minutes and then things started to fade away as I slept on my laptop literally (I drooled over the keyboard too) because it was THAT boring. I tried to watch it few times, but was so boring that I had to turn it off and read about the features from Apple’s website and I laughed while facepalming!

I’ll be honest, there are few features that are sort of interesting (Gestures and maybe airdrop), there are features that should’ve been there since the beginning of computer history! and there are, things, that should’ve been features or shouldn’t have been introduced and featured as features.

This post will discuss Mac OSX Lion because, well, taking iOS5 and Lion at the same page will be a total tl;dr… I mean, well, Mac OSX Lion alone is a tl;dr!

They brought up the launchpad and, well, I’ll just drop a picture here:

As soon as I saw this picture, I remembered this:

Yes, that is the apps menu in Nokia N900.

There are only two differences between the N900 app list and Mac OSX Lion Launchpad:
1) Lion swifts sideways, N900 swifts the other way around
2) Lion can create folders of icons, N900 don’t

That’s probably the only stab I’ll take on Lio… Oh wait, I remembered their “FileVault 2”!

It’s a feature to encrypt drives (Internal and external). One might argue that FileFault existed before (FileFault is a typo, but I like it, so I’m keeping it), but FileFault is known to be easily crackable and only encrypts your home folder, not your whole drive.

Which reminds me, Windows 7 has BitLocker which does pretty much the same functionality that FileVault 2 does.

Also, I just remembered that they featured system restore capabilities. As in, they have a dedicated partition to restore their system:

I’m quite sure that there’s a system restore solution on at least the new MacBook Air which requires a USB flash drive (That looks actually cool) to restore the system. I know because I had to kick start two MacBook Airs and install Parallel, Windows 7 and Office 2010 (Ironic in so many levels, isn’t it?)… In my defense, it’s a work task and I had to take an atomic shower when I finished doing so.

Anyway, Windows-based laptop manufacturers have been doing that since, iunno, Windows VISTA maybe (I’m sure since the last days of Windows XP, but I’ll refer to VISTA just in case). And checking email and browse to check Apple’s support website? There’s a little thing in Windows we call “Safe mode” which have been there since Windows 98 I guess…

There are other features. I’ll mention some of them down below (That worth mentioning, whether they’re good or bad) and kick in something between the brackets:
* Set up your Mac in any language (Really?)
* High-resolution cursor (REALLY!?)
* AirDrop to share files to other Mac users with no need for network connectivity (That can be useful sometimes in all honesty)
* AppleScript (*cough*Windows Power Shell*cough*and Linux bash scripts or whatever*cough*)
* Autosave (Don’t you know that this is a feature in Microsoft Office that you just need to enable? No?)
* Full screen apps (Say what? *Clicks on full screen button on Windows 7*)
* iChat (Ummm, I’m old fashioned, MSN Messenger supports Yahoo contacts. Oh, wait, Google Talk is great too!)
* Mac App Store (Ummm, Ubuntu’s synaptic?)
* Mail app improvements (Microsoft Outlook is THE BEST mail clients of all times. I still use Thunderbird though)
* Resume (Now that’s interesting… Really, I’m not kidding)

Mac OSX Lion will be available in maybe next month.
N900 have been there for a year and a half.
Windows 7 have been there for 2 years (Minus few days).
Windows VISTA have been there since 2006.
Windows 98 have been there in 1998.

Now my question is, what’s REALLY new in Mac OSX Lion that haven’t been introduced before except the improved gestures, Resume and Airport?

9 thoughts on “Oh Apple, you’re an endless source of facepalm (Mac OSX Lion)

  1. I am always a fan of Apple bashing 😀
    -safe mode i think is available in windows 95, ya i am pretty sure of it.
    -u should’ve compared it to ubuntu software center rather than synaptic since it is a lot more user friendly!
    -I never used iChat, but Pidgin wins! 😀
    -Airdrop = dropbox?

  2. come on guys, don’t you think your selling apple a bit short. Their stuff has one fundamental strong point that, when compared with your stuff, makes it (apple’s stuff) epic: THE WHITE/BLACK APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh noes, a Mac fanboy is upset because we made fun of his favorite OS by comparing “OSSUCKS Lion’s new innovative features” to their exact same features in other OSes that some of them existed back in 1998!

      That insecure for insulting Mac OSSUCKS that you had to attack me personally?

      I didn’t even have to reply to you, a follower did xD

  3. @زخر
    We are expressing our disappointment in the recent apple conference at how the re-introduce features that already exist at other OSes and claiming they are “innovation”s

  4. Well let’s compare Macs with PCs… How many times does a PC crash per hour for an average person? How many viruses do PCs get for an average person? The answer is ENDLESS!!! Yes, I know Macs can get viruses, but what are the chances!?!?! And even though, Apple would roll out an update right away… How many times do Macs crash for the average person? Almost none!!! (comparing to the AT LEAST 3 times an hour on a same-specs-PC).

    1. Dear “fuckyou@yourmomshouse.com” (yes, Apple Fanboy),

      1) How many times does a PC crash per hour for an average person?
      A) In my workplace, we have ~500 computers and they run 24/7. I can assure you they crash maybe once every few months because of bad behavior, not system instability. Noting that we have raging users expertise from total noobs to hardcore programmers.

      2) How many viruses do PCs get for an average person?
      A) Endless? In a way, yes. However, the numbers are declining noting that Windows forms at least %90 of the WHOLE computer industry. So, your “Flawless” Mac OSSUCKS is a total minority. Even linux has a bigger share… Hell, even my Casio calculator does. So, why Windows have endless viruses? Because they’re being the target of interest since even before you were born. Yet, its been living and kicking. Do I have to remind you of how vulnerable Mac OSSUCKS that some vulnerabilities still exist even after being addressed? For example, the new vulnerability that you can refer to here:

      3) Yes, I know Macs can get viruses, but what are the chances!?!?!
      A) Exactly, no one is interested enough of an OS like Mac OSSUCKS because it doesn’t interest hackers. That doesn’t mean its secured. It only means that its not interesting. Like, Ferraris are cool, but I’m not interested… Windows is like your mom; everyone is interested in her even though existed since stoneage. Vulnerable like fuck, yet we still want to fuck with it… In your mom house too!

      4)And even though, Apple would roll out an update right away
      A) Mac OSSUCKS got owned in 2008 in two minutes:

      Then, it got owned again using the same technique a year later in 10 seconds:

      Need I say more?

      5) How many times do Macs crash for the average person? Almost none!!! (comparing to the AT LEAST 3 times an hour on a same-specs-PC).
      A) Tell me, what can you do in your Mac that is so different than PC (I’m only referring to Windows… It’s enough to take your argument to dust)? Multimedia publishing? Thats it? Really? Oh, wow… OMG, Computers are only about THAT!

      No really, the reason the Macs crash almost none because, well, the average user of Mac OSSUCKS barely know hwo to use a calculator let alone Windows. Why Windows crash? Well, because idiots like you and your mom who likes to get fucked in her house use it, install all the nasty malwares and adwares and expect it not to crash. I mean, its like your mom chugging on beer and expect her not to faint in few hours of purely chugging on beer (Where we end up sticking it in her pooper).

      Three times an hour? Dude, even back in Windows XP (Where I used to do the nastiest shit), my computer survives 3 months easily without restarting.

      This is a long post. And because You insulted me, your upcoming posts will be deleted as soon as you post them.

  5. Dear fanboy.
    Crash PER HOUR!?!?!?
    I have 3 windows PCs, none of them crashed in over a year!
    Viruses? If you are too cheap to download a free AV like Avira or AVG you can simply use windows defender.
    Mac issues are not with viruses, it is with the security holes in the system itself! vulnerabilities affect all updated macs. yes I said updated!

    Let me ask you a couple of questions:
    -How many applications run on Mac compared to PC?
    I’d say over a million at the very least! no i am not exaggerating.
    -What choices you have when you want a Mac compared to PC?
    You have several choices in EACH company ranging from HP, Asus, Dell, Lenovo etc, and each of those companies provide AT LEAST 5 different models you can choose from.
    With Mac your only choice comes from Apple, Macbook Air/Pro and an iMac.
    At the very least you will have to pay %20 more price for an apple computer. ranges go way up when you talk about gaming rigs.

    And as for crashes? seriously 3 crashes an HOUR on windows? what are you on? Windows98?

    Does apple REALLY rolls update right away? 600 thousands infected updated macs might disagree.

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