Microsoft Takes a New Direction to Phone Unlockers

Microsoft has a reputation of suing everybody who breaks their code, or breaks any EULA. ChevronWP7 has been given a whole different treatment.

ChevronWP7 is an unlocker which breaks the DRM base on Windows Phone 7, think jail break.

Although this application is not meant for a means of piracy but is meant to allow home brew developers to try out their applications as well as enables one to unlock the full potential of their Windows Phone’s.

The big boy Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 team caught light of this application and decided met up with the developers to have a little talk. Instead of breaking their coding fingers, however, they decided to have a deal with them.

An update is going to be released soon to fix the bug that ChevronWP7 used to unlock the phone and thus killing the exploit. However, The developers are working on a collaborative effort to support home-brew developments in the future. Yes you read that right, Microsoft is supporting home-brew.

Talk about a change from when Bill gates sent out the “Open Letter to Hobbyist”.
Instead of punishing people who have “stolen” as Microsoft would say they are rewarding them.

In the meantime while we wait look forward to updates.

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6 thoughts on “Microsoft Takes a New Direction to Phone Unlockers

    1. I thought loolykinns wrote that post. I know how much he enjoys anti-microsoft comments 🙂

      but back to the subject, if Microsoft really likes hackers, the should open source their kernel. I can see it now: oracle windows, super windows, pc windows, …etc

      They can keep the source code for IE though.

  1. No. I like them being proprietary… If they opened source their Kernel\OS, you’ll find Kindows, Gindows, KFCEndows, Dindows (Debian based), uWindows… etc.

    Which the originality of Windows will fade… Uncool…

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