MEFCC, We’re coming to getchu!

Yesterday I received an email that goes like this:

Hey, are you going to MEFCC?

All I remember was googling that name. Then I realized I booked a ticket, booked my flight, booked my room, convinced a friend to drag his sorry butt with me, called my senior at work to inform him about my vacation, and printed my papers.

I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to cover this, but I’ll try to cover as much as possible! I’m also considering cosplaying as “Like a sir”. I already have a black suit, top hat, and my dad’s black cane (Need to steal that)… Not sure if I will, but highly considering…

Now, I turn to you, silent readers. I’ll probably end up Q&A cosplayers, celebs (hopefully), and artists.

Is there a question you have want to ask? A phrase you want them to hear saying maybe? Or maybe something you want me to do (Unlikely, but I’ll highly consider).

Better yet, if you’re going, and you’d like to guest-write here, I’ll be much more than happy to work up a good deal 😀

Again, weeeeeeeeeeeeee~

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