Lunar eclipse June 15th, 2011

So story goes like this:

Weather is so dusty and windy, I planned things so me and my friends go to Al-Salmi, then Om Al-Aish (previously). We ended up in my friend’s in-laws house which was a pretty fun experience.

I clicked around 50 shot. But thanks to wind and dust (And *sigh* Sony Alpha for being not so famous and popular around Kuwait), I ended up my new 150-500mm lens instead of attaching my camera to a telescope that my friend’s father in-law is providing for everyone (He opened up his backyard\house for public… He tends to do that whenever an astrology-related event occurs.

Talked a lot? Well, here are the surviving two shots:
Lunar eclipse June 15th, 2011: The Start

Lunar eclipse June 15th, 2011: Half way through

2 thoughts on “Lunar eclipse June 15th, 2011

  1. Telescope with Nikon mount?? 0_o
    I hate you!!! 😛
    Btw hows the performance of the 150-500mm?
    Did you shoot anything in daylight?
    I love the first picture man, awesome details and clarity!

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