LGG: A bunch of Kuwaiti gamers

I received an email from LuckyGG guys asking me to add them to our (Or should I say my) blogroll few days ago. I’m happy to receive and do that, but figured I might as well just check out what they’re all about and, well, they’re fun.

Basically, they majorly talk about video games (I don’t know if they bring up anything else, checked their last 3 pages and they’re all about gaming) and discuss either game facts\updates or just bring up random and fun stuff.

They even have a podcast of them talking about games in Kuwaiti which is neat because, well, I never thought of anyone doing that in Kuwaiti.

Well, just check out their stuff, you’d most likely like’em :3 (If you’re a hardcore gamer, that is)

3 thoughts on “LGG: A bunch of Kuwaiti gamers

  1. I have been following these guys out on twitter for almost half a year now. I like them.

    1. Yeah, had some fun with those guys. I was even featured once in their podcast, actually it was just my nickname … and one actually pronounced it wrong: “An-ex-ious Nut”! XD

      They got good stuff, but the thing is, I’m no hardcore gamer; I only play tetris. :/

  2. Thanks for adding us 🙂

    we cover local news have a let us LOL series going ( funny pics)
    glad you like what we do because we are enjoy making it 😀

    Thanks for the support! :3

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