Kuwait to apply fair use policy!?

OK, a friend of mine called me few months ago asking me to check if ISPs in Kuwait have applied fair use policy (Where they limit your total bandwidth consumption).

After I asked why, he told me that Gulfnet are applying it and they stated that every ISP will start doing so.

Knowing that I used to work in FASTtelco, I know who I can call to confirm this fact from FASTtelco’s side.

Checked with the guys, they confirmed that there’s no such forced policy (Or at least FASTtelco won’t be applying it) and there’s no such policy for FASTtelco users.

I double checked a month later and got the same result.

Now, I check facebook and see this:

So basically, Gulfnet started to cap everyone down telling that other ISPs are doing the same.
Well, I don’t know about other ISPs, but I’m sure that FASTtelco won’t.

Also, Gulfnet have shortened “Fair Access Policy” to “FAP”… This sounds so wrong in so many levels xD

Anyone else from other ISPs to confirm the Fair Access Policy thing whether they’re applying it or not?

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  1. Gulfnet started capping users (including me) long before it announced it. I was upset when I found out about it especially since thy never said anything about it;
    when I called asking why ou 2Mbps connection was struggling to open a normal webpage, they stated that I had exceeded my “daily quota”.
    When I asked them what quota, and where it’s mentioned in the contract, they told me that it wasn’t in the contract! they abused one of the terms that lets them do what they want.. you know, the type of term you usually find in TOSs.

    Suffice to say, I doubt we’ll be dealing with this ISP next year. in fact, I intend to avoid every single ISP that implements a FAP, even if I stay without an internet connection. Free wifi is available everywhere these days.

    If you want my advice, make a stand and don’t deal with these companies. teach them a lesson.

    PS: if memory serves, the limit -according to the techi i talked with- is 1.8GB (not enough, trust me).

  2. i agree with sigterm
    i used to be with gulfnet but then i switched out when they posted a cap.

  3. Lol dude I’m so pissed about this. If you check the comments on their FB page you’ll see I posted a bunch of times with logical arguments.

    Shit is so stupid. I mean whatever, put some limit, but why the hell is it so low? 1.5gb (i have a 1mbps package) is not enough to even update a game through steam, or download a ps3 demo. The whole internet just goes dial up speed when the limit is reached. Theres 5 people using the internet at my house at any given time and if we watch a lot of youtube videos or play games online, bam we’ll get hit by it. Not to mention screw ever downloading a game off Steam again, since most games are >5gb now a days.

    Fucking bullshit.

  4. I would agree with yousef5

    Limiting bandwidth is always a dumb idea. I use high speed internet for gaming more than anything.

    Its bad enough that we have horrible lag in Kuwait due to location but having our bandwidth capped is just crazy.

  5. while I wait for my 11MB file to finish downloading (eta, 33 minutes), I must wonder about the 11 people who “Liked” the update. they’re most likely gulfnet employees or similar types.

  6. LOL ! XD Sigtermer ! Same situation !Srsly its making me angry :/ ! i may die from this shit -_-.

  7. Guys try to keep the comments PG rated please. We are all irritated by the situation yet we need to keep the language clean for all readers of the blog

  8. Look at the policy … it says “abusers”? do basically, if you download more than 2GB per day, you are an abuser .. shame on you abusers ….

    FUCK THAT SHIT ….. if it were any other country with real law …. these guys would be behind bars … this is collusion ….

    1. First, they haven’t stated ANYTHING regarding applying this policy when the contract have been signed. So we are not abusers, we just have to follow new rules that doesn’t satisfy our needs.

      Second, if you spent half a day watching low quality YouTube streams, you’d pass 2gb… Basically, 2gb is just too tight for a day. We are not abusers, they’re douchebags (not to mention the treatment I have received as a CUSTOMER where I have been hunting them to tell me the truth and they keep on lying).

      Last, If they’re going to apply such policy, they gotta be fair too! They can do what FASTtelco is doing; monitor who is really abusing (downloading bazillions of movies a day) THEN apply the cap PN THEM, not those who’ve been nice the whole month, just decided to download an ubuntu DVD and get capped…

      I can write a better reply, but I wrote this in my iPad and I am running late for work!


  10. Unfortunately, all ISPs are fapping.

    Even though “Mada” isn’t. But it’s written in their contract that they have the right to change their contract whenever they please without referring to their client.

    Pretty much just like any other ISP (Which means they could go capping if they wanted to)

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