IP Addresses are Running Out

let me start this post by saying that if you do not know what an IP address then follow this link to the Wikipedia page.

Now that is out of the way it has been predicted for a while that the current system of giving IP addresses IPv4 is going to be an antique soon.

To explain who is going to be affected its mostly Class A IP’s, Classs C IP’s are reusable as has been described in this PcWorld article.

Hurricane Electric, created an Twitter and Facebook account to count down when the “IPcalypse” is going to happen( February 2nd in-case you have been wondering).

The solution to prevent the IPcalypse is already around the corner. IPv6 has already been created and is fully compatible with IPv4.

IPv6 is based on a 128bit address instead of IPv4’s 32 bit, so we can expect, or at least hope, that we wont have another Y2K craze.


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