Internet Explorer Six has passed away

On March 1, 2010, everyones’ most despised favorite browser passed away after almost a decade of loyalty and hard work. some might hate it for it’s lousy CSS support while others might loath it for it’s rather abundant security holes. but now is not the time to speak harshly about our late browser.

A funeral was held yesterday in Denver. where people came to pay their last respects to the beloved browser. Funeral attire was encouraged and teeshirts were made available.

Some might argue that ie6 is still running minimized in their task bar. but in reality, they are just in shock and aren’t prepared to let go. good bye old friend, you shall be dearly missed.

5 thoughts on “Internet Explorer Six has passed away

  1. If I had to leave my final words for IE6 it would be. “You’ve been the greatest computer porn star known to man. You’re random ad pop-ups will never be-forgotten.”

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