Initial thoughts of iPad 2

Alright, I’ll be a tad open minded…

Changes hardware-wise:
A5 1GHz Dual-core CPU which is promised to boost performance to the double, 9x graphics performance, 8.8mm thin, no Thunderbolt (Was actually sort of excited about it), same ol’ 1024×768 resolution, HDMI output, 720p video recording back camera at 30fps with 5x digital zoom, VGA 30fps front camera, plastic\leather case that sleeps and awakes the iPad with the help of an proximity sensor, 10 hours battery life as the first iPad and 600g heavy.

What’s interested me are the double and 9x graphics boosts promises. I mean, it’s obvious because the OS isn’t upgrading much and they’re upgrading the OS; OFCOURSE IT’LL BOOST!! It’s like running Ubuntu on Pentium 4 and then kicking in Core 2 Duo and saying “Hey, we can assure you it’ll run faster” xD

Weight and thickness isn’t that interesting to me because, well, a gadget shouldn’t be thinner than what a gadget should be. Neither lighter.

Dual Core tablets\phones, HDMI, 720p video capability, 5x digital zoom (Seriously?), proximity sensor and leather\plastic case aren’t new at all. My flip HD (CISCO based… I don’t know what the hell are CISCO thinking but I’ll judge when I take it for a ride) can do 1080p 30fps for 2 hours and the proximity sensor have been there in the wild since forever.

Software changes:
iOS 4.3 will be out soon featuring improved Safari performance, FaceTime, PhotoBooth, iMovie and GarageBand. And personal HotSpot which is iPhone exclusive (iPad 2 dreamers will have to be greedy with their intertubes and not share their 3G connection).

So there you have it. The ONLY thing that pulled my attention is thickness and weight which isn’t that relevant to me… Other than that, it’s the same thing but a little better.

I mean, seriously, what does this tablet has that… Ummmm… MOTOROLA XOOM doesn’t except being so thin?

And there I was telling myself “If iPad 2 turned out to be a good thing, I might get me one for portability”… Seems like I got lured by the bright side… Gotta wait for a good Windows-based tablet or join Android-based tablets… So glad I’ve snapped out of the bright-side dream xD

Engadget’s iPad2 link

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