I’m not dead, I’m just occupied with so many things

I haven’t been posting for the longest time, I know. I’m just too occupied with things.

I had my vacation from January 16th to February 2nd and now I’m picking up what I left from work and catching up with things that were pending because I almost vowed not to go geeky on my vacation.

So, long story short, I enjoyed it to the max. Norway was a wonderful experience and if my plan of my new target didn’t work next year, I’ll be hitting Norway again!

Why I decided to go to Norway? Well, Northern lights (Aurora). Then I realized the country itself is wonderful with its imaginary friendly and nice people!

To keep you all posted of what projects I’m going to work on, here’s the list:
* Add user registration and events submission to Qlendar. I’m almost done there, just need few days to polish things out
* Start working on Android\iOS mobile apps for Qlendar. Yes, I said the Android app should be out. Well, it should’ve. But, well, it didn’t. I’m allergic to JAVA 😛
* Building up the computer playground (Which is basically a spacious room for few friends and myself to geek around and have fun with computers\servers\random stuff
* Building up an Arduino-based relay-switch controller by ethernet. I basically got the theory sketched, just need a weeee bit of more research and parts to order.
* Hack a device for personal recognition and history retrieval. Not giving much details, but it involves Raspberry Pi… You’ll know once I’m done :3

For the time being, I’ll leave you with a small video I made of 1,894 pictures in a time-lapse and a picture of what I saw in Tromso:

Northern lights - Tromso, Norway (January 18th, 2012)


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