Hello, World!

Hello, geeks! It’s Mrs. Q8GEEK! Feel free to ref to me as Mrs. Q, especially those of you on mobiles who might want to keep things brief!

I’ve known the Q8GEEKS blog for way longer than I’ve known Mister Q8GEEK. When we met, I didn’t know it was him, but luckily he mentioned it early enough– that way I could avoid making fun of the website in front of him… though I did that later anyway.

You see, on the Venn diagram of geeks and nerds, the Mister falls firmly under Nerd (also Hipster, but I’ll heckle him later). It’s not a terribly important distinction for those who don’t care, but for those who do identify as geeks, as I do, it’s always irritated me that this website claiming to be for “Kuwaiti geeks” by its very name, is really mostly about engineering and Arduino and much less about more common geek interests: films, videogames, books, and other kinds of entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m something of a nerd too, just a little, though my talents are more linguistically inclined than systematic-engineering. It’s just seemed that if you want to claim a big title representing geeks, it should be a little more inclusive… of the things I like, obviously!

So that’s my insidious plan revealed! I’ve never been good with keeping up a blag –the last time I posted any content was in the heyday of LJ! And even that was sporadic– but I’ll try to post something every now and then that’s not so much about Arduino and more about games, books, films, or other geeky topics of interest.

Burn the land and boil the sea,

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    1. Me? I haven’t done anything to him worse than he’s done to me– after all, I have to deal with his horrible puns on a daily basis now ;P

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