Ga6u Athwal: v2.0.0

Just because I’ve been busy with marriage and work doesn’t mean I don’t have time to work on gamedev.

The Flight Simulator I’m working on will need to pause because I’d need to focus more which means more time. So I’m working on the little games to learn and experiment on to apply on the Flight Simulator.

Any way, I decided to re-work on my Ga6u Athwal game because, well, it’s too personal for me of a game that leaving it like this disturbs me.

Learning mistakes from bad coding decisions, I decided to redo the game coding-wise and add few stuff.

Here’s what I did:

  • Recycling GameObjects since destroying and reinstantiating GameObjects is resources\performance expensive (That’s why you’d see the game sort of stutter every second or two). As in, relocate GameObjects and reset their variables instead of destroying and reinstantiating (Which is easier, but more expensive).
  • Used Application.LoadLevelAsync() instead of Application.LoadLevel() because the other one allows me to do stuff while the next level loads asynchronously. Oooh, Added loading screen too.
  • Added sidewalk so the street is more defined. Doing that, allowed me to have lanes.
  • Lanes allowed me to have a more realistic explanation of the game; The cat runs in the wrong lane which is why Taxi tries to hit him.
  • Having another lane allowed me to add a new thing; a pickup truck with some guy throwing sandal.

Here’s what I’m experimenting to add:

  • High scores: Local high scores and Internet-based high scores.
  • Perhaps different difficulty levels to balance score and health drain.
  • Adding background animations for distractions (So you’d lose… Muahahaha).
  • I’m thinking of things like “What should happen when the cat get hit by sandal?”. I have some ideas but choosing the right one is tough (Difficulty in coding vs simplicity and dullness).

I have two awesome comments from friends who tried the game:

Friend: Make it multiple lives. The cat dies too fast, to be honest

Me: I thought of multiple lives because cats have that. But this cat is too stupid to have that many


Friend: Wait a minute…

Friend: This guy hit me with a flying sandal!

Friend: WTF!?


Friend: Fucking 3geedy one shot!


Yeah, I can see the curve of interestingness in the game as it develops!


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