Ga6u Athwal: v0.1.6

Well, time to add a new link for the almost-final release.


There’s no big difference between this and previous release really:

  • Added a new button at the start to either start playing straight away or you can go through the tutorial.
  • Removed sharing button. The plug-in I used in Unity for this feature requires crazy privileges (WRITE TO EXTERNAL). I mean, really, Why? So until I come up with a solution, I’ll be shutting down this feature. But then again, you can still take screenshots and share them manually, right?)
  • Fixed the puddle size. It was just too big (That’s what she said).
  • Adjusted the randomness of items generation in the game to make it playable for a longer time.
  • I’m sticking to one rotation because, well, Unity doesn’t allow two rotations on landscape (Or at least I don’t know how to do that). I’ll most likely find a way to do it in Unity by the next release (Which hopefully is the official release for the game).

Things to be fixed after having a quick re-evaluation of the game:

  • I’ll re-evaluate scoring and health mechanisms. Cheezburgers are becoming useless!
  • Font. Apparently, font is harder to read.
  • Glow effect on the power ups.
  • Screen rotation. If I couldn’t make it auto-rotates, I’ll change the landscape rotation to the other side.
  • Volume adjustment. Apparently, there are things that are too noisy that it covers up on other sounds.

So what are you waiting for? Click\scan the image below for great justice!


2 thoughts on “Ga6u Athwal: v0.1.6

  1. Hi.

    Buttons don’t always work, or take a long time to do what they’re supposed to do. How about adding a loading screen or displaying a message to let the user know that the button press is being processed.

    Also, there isn’t an option to mute the bgm.

    1. Weird, buttons works just fine here. Can you tell me which doesn’t?

      The only button I think that takes time is “Play” which I can’t help it. When you press on play, it loads a new level. With that, it loads soundtracks which some (if not most) of them are in MP3 format it the level needs to decompress them in memory before loading the game.

      Adding a loading things is, well, I haven’t thought of that. And honestly, I’m not sure it’ll work because the screen freezes when you swap levels. But I’ll experiment on that.

      For the mute part, well, the best thing about the game is the BGM. I’m not sure I’ll be doing it in the initial release to be honest. But will consider that in the next release (As in, official release).

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