“Dude! Where’s your car!?”

No, I’m not writing about a movie. I’m writing about something really REALLY stupid that happened to me few days ago.

It all started in Wednesday when I decided I wanted to work around my room. Y’know, buying stuff since old stuff didn’t fit. Like a TV set or  a bookshelf?

I’d go to Banta, but I love IKEA. So it’s only logical to go to IKEA since I can afford it (Virtually anyone can), they’re easily assembled, and you can fool around hacking stuff into it.

Me: Hey Rashed, do me a favor will ya?
Rashed: What?
Me: Need you to pass by The Avenues Mall to pick up something from IKEA
Rashed: Can’t you fit it in your car?
Me: No. Is 23:00 fine with you?
Rashed: Urgh, yes. Fine. I’ll do it.

See? I’m surrounded by good friends.

So I went to The Avenues ahead. Fooled around a bit, chugged on some coffee. And bought the bookshelf from IKEA when Rashed arrived and loaded it to his truck, rode with him to my house to unload it and drink some Deathwish coffee.

Nothing wrong, right? NO!

*Waking up from sleep*
Me: What?
Mom: Sleeping?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Dherar, where’s your car?
Me: Outside, why?
Mom: The maid said she couldn’t find it.
Me: Mom, by common sense, how can I possibly be here if I didn’t drive back by my own car?
Mom: I suppose you’re right. Don’t sleep too much now, you have work soon.
Me: Fine, bye.

Seriously, what was she thinking? How can I possibly come back home without my car?

I walked up stairs (Since I live in the basement… Hahaha, yes, make a “I live in my mom’s basement” geek joke) and our maid said this:

Dude, where’s your car?

Well, she didn’t exactly say that. She exactly said “داراار؟ وين انته سيارة؟”. As in “Dherar, where’s your car?”…. Close enough to be honest.

My car? It’s outs … SHIT!! I FORGOT IT IN THE AVENUES!!


Thankfully, I drove back around 10AM. Still there, started it and drove to work late.

But really, I felt so stupid, I am still in shock till today of how can I possibly forget my own car!

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