Coming up projects…

OK it’s been a god damn while since the last time I actually tinkered with something serious and real fun, so I decided pursue two projects at once.

One of’em is photography based and the other is Arduino based.

The photography thing is technically having an autofocus enabled reverse ring thingy.

When you reverse a lens using a reverse ring, you lose the ability to autofocus which means you have to rely on your hand and eyes which, lets face it, if you used a 50mm and 1.4f ~ 1.8f, you probably won’t get a good shot easily.

So, having a reverse ring with autofocus is just photograsmic (And who knows, might be able to control aperture too!).

Alpha\Minolta mount lenses’ aperture is closed by default so if you reverse the lens, you’d need another hand to keep the aperture open. Why would someone want to reverse the lens? Well, it makes an awesomely cheap macro lens!

This is a video of a quick hack I made more than a year ago sacrificing a lens bottom cap.

What I’m going to do is to actually wire things back to the camera lens mount base. By doing that, I’ll need a Sony scrap camera case which I’ll eventually have to order online since Sony Dealership here in Kuwait sucks with a 7-inch straw!

Here are few shots I clicked with a reverse ring (Also, sacrificing Dragos’ eye in the process):
Eye 02

Eye 01

The second project is basically bringing up a joke to reality. Pretty much what I did with my Cookies vending machine joke-to-reality xD

Which joke I’m bringing to reality? THIS!

Why? Because so far, I can do it!
I actually have all the materials needed to build it except the hand dryer chassis, a continuous servo motor, some belts and I’m all set! I’m going to look for the servo motor locally after Eid. However, I have no idea where can I find a hand dryer chassis. If anyone can help me out with few ideas, that’ll be awesome (Even if I had to buy busted hand dryers just to gut it out)! (I’ll actually sketch a diagram in the running few days hopefully)

Just for the fun of it, here’s the cookies vending machine video (Read the descriptions to know the story behind it):

Stay tuned for more updates of these two projects :3

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