Charbase v0.1

Charbase v0.1 is a software if you want to keep a database of characters and locations if you’re writing a story or do need somehow to keep a local database of those.

It all started few days ago while I’m working on an adventure video game. I have a plot, I needed a story. So I started writing one. As I went on writing, characters started to spawn and locations started to populate. It felt easy as I started writing them on a paper. But a paper became few papers. Then a bunch. Then A LOT! And it is a problem to turn pages every few minutes to remember what a character is like.

So I did what every person should do: Look for a tool. I couldn’t find an appropriate tool (That’s for free). And I actually didn’t feel like spending hours looking for the right solution. So I figured I’d make my own tool.

I built Charbase v0.1 in maybe 6 hours and right now has the following features:

  • Load\save files in your disk in a single JSON file. Going cloud can be a problem if you’re in a cabin in the woods writing something.
  • Add\edit\delete characters and locations.
  • Have a picture for character\location.

Features I’ll be working will be:

  • Add events to the database.
  • Add items to the database.
  • Support multiple pictures for characters\locations\events\items\relations.
  • More metadata for character’s physical description.
  • Relations between characters and between a character and events\locations.

It’ll be great if you’d download it and use it. It’d help you organize your story’s characters and locations (For now) and you’d help me with feedback to improve this tool.

Oh yeah, it’ll be for free. Forever!

Here’s the link to download a zipped folder with the installation files.

And here’s a link to the relevant Github rep.

I’m still trying to figure out Visual Studio and Github. So until then, I’ll release both separately.

2 thoughts on “Charbase v0.1

  1. > Features I’ll be working will be…
    > and you’d help me with feedback to improve this tool

    It almost seems like you’re trying to avoid working on the very game you wrote charbase for.

    > Back to zheewy simulator! Check out the Roach shadow! انا ما يازلي الا ظل الزهيوي واهو يطمر… فلم…

    plz make the cockroach antenna sway when the roach moves or jumps. As it is, the rigid antenna remind me of the long handles of a Harley bike.

    1. I didn’t avoid it by creating Charbase, I’m still working on it. I’m halting it now because I’m looking for the appropriate assets (3D models and so on) to work with. And I’m not gonna post a lot about it because, well, I’d like to keep that a bit private.

      For the roach antennas, I’d love to do it. But there aren’t any rigged models of a roach so I can’t even move its feet, I’m moving it as a whole, like a brick…

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