Browsers-literacy in Kuwait

While surfing the interwebs the other day, I spot an interesting blog-post by a Kuwaiti blogger, Fares Al-Osaimi. It simply showed a graph of browsers being used in Kuwait. The results were really shameful!

You can clearly see that Windows stock browser, IE, is the highest. Not only that, but it’s also about 80% of the browsers in Kuwait! Yes, we all know companies and schools all have Windows, but seriously, don’t they know how to choose a more secure browser?!

To be honest, some non-geeks are moving to other browsers, especially Chrome! And I can guarantee that this is because of the ads Google saturated the internet with! I am not saying this is a bad thing at all, I like this improvement! … I just wish Mozilla was Google! XP

However, curiosity. IE, 80% is a lot! IE6? Well, let’s take a look.

This graph made my happy, you can see the how IE 6 and IE 7 has fallen, it tells that there are some smart people out there.

Question is: Is this enough? No. Currently IE 6 and IE 7 are 50% of the browsers being used, 50% is still a lot. So … What’s the plan you ask? It’s simple! Just download Firefox or Chrome .exe and keep it on a USB Flash disk so that whenever you see any person you know who’s running IE or an old version of IE, you install it on his system.

4 thoughts on “Browsers-literacy in Kuwait

  1. yuck! that sucks! in both my mac and windows, im using Mozilla’s Firefox, and even back in the 90s i was using Netscape!

  2. The only reason IE6 fallen is the release of windows 7. People are used to looking for the [e] on the desktop.
    Successfully I have convinced my whole family except one brother to use FFox instead of IE 🙂
    the sad thing that my brother says:”Everyone uses IE, you always want to be different dont u!”

    1. You mean ”Everyone uses FireFox, you always want to be different dont u!” as if he doesn’t want to use FF so that he’s different? If so, give him Chrome, Opera, or any other browser! 🙂

      And tell your brother if he wants to be _really_ different from you guys, let him use Linux, or even better, FreeBSD! XD

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