BarCamp Kuwait #2: <3

I presented my Cookies Vending Machine v1.0 and in the back of my head, I thought everyone will go “Oh… Fun… So what?”… Apparently, I was wrong…

First, MBHKewl talked about war driving and how insecure most residents WiFi networks are. Then Burhan talked about Python and actually was interesting… Then, I showed my cookies vending machine xD

First, I explained the situation and why I made it. Then I kicked it in and everyone laughed when it didn’t work at first (Forgot to connect wires… Silly me)…
Then everyone was hurraying when it worked the way it should and, truth to be said, I was so happy that people didn’t go “So what?” on me and actually went “Aren’t you going to improve it?”… I mean, wow!
Then I explained how fun and damn easy it is to use ARDUINO and how long it took me to code and figure the circuit (I kicked in a comment about the language used; so easy that I didn’t care what language it was).

Actually, some people approached and asked about ARDUINO and how I did it.

BarCamp Kuwait have recorded every session (And streamed them too) and soon will embed the videos as soon as the guys finish uploading them and all. But all in all, it was a priceless event!

Oh, there was a guy at the back doing caractere of presenters and whoever wanted to have a thing for himself. I got this:

Thank you Ahamshay for arranging the whole thing, what you did there was flawless.
Thank you MBHKewl for telling me “Maybe the wires are short?” when the thing went bonkers and I went “Damn, it’s not working!” and giving a serious hand in turning this into a successful event.

6 thoughts on “BarCamp Kuwait #2: <3

  1. your Cookies Vending Machine was amazing .. and really I had fun seeing it. Thank you and good luck.

  2. Gee, thanks… That brought a stupid smile on my face (More weirder than the one up there)


  3. The event was so awesome, I enjoyed watching the entire thing. Huge improvement from the first event!
    Your cookie vending machine was 3asome! You should really consider improving!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Wait, you saw that too!?
    Please tell me you saw it streamed because if you were there and haven’t dropped by (And maybe offered me cookies) I’d smack you! xD

  5. Haha, I saw it online, if I were there, would I have passed on trying a cookie vending machine? I don’t think so!
    But honestly, the machine was jaw-dropping, literally!

    1. Well, I’m now working on another project that might be a good object camera flash :3

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