So, AnonKuwait is back in action and shared SQL Database dump.

I’m personally going to upload it in my WAMP server (Yes, I have one installed in my laptop to check out my codes) and will tell what kind of info inside (I hope there’s some interesting data).
I’m quite sure Qualitynet the noobs haven’t sanitized their SQL queries from injections and all which is how (Safely assumed) AnonKuwait was able to inject and get stuff. Skiddie-ish, but works!

If AnonKuwait is skiddie (Which I still believe he is), Qualitynet is worst for falling letting\allowing this to happen!

Stay tuned :3

After investigating further, turned out that AnonKuwait is not even a skiddie; his Qualitynet hack is so fake and outdated. Please check out this link for more details.


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