Android dents iPad

It goes without saying that Tablet computers are getting to be all the rage for the next coming months. Acer has after all decided to phase out their net books for tablets. And it goes without saying that this all would not have happened if the iPad was never released.

The iPad has sold over 14.8 Million units all over the world. And whenever something gets popular, competition is going to come around the corner to challenge its popularity.

Android based tablets are being produced by company’s such as Samsung, Motorola, and Acer which already are rivaling the iPad.

While the cheapest iPad, the 16 GB one, costs $499; Acer is introducing a tablet that costs only $299.

Now I personally prefer Android based tablets over the iOS and hope that more Android tablets appear to prevent Apple from dominating the market.

According to some strategy analysts from bloomberg Apple’s market share is going to drop to below 50% in the next couple of years. Leaving the market to the other platforms such as the Android and the new RIM based BlackBerry Tablet.

According to another report Android is officially the best selling mobile OS beating Nokia and Apple.

Looks like to me that an interesting rivalry is going to happen. Apple and Google both represent different views when it comes to how their products are made.

Apple usually shuts down on their products so much that the consumers suffer from vendor lock in. Google on the other hand advocates openness, having their software free to share and also allows the different platforms to modify their OS to suit their needs.

They are also known to hate each other so a rivalry would be interesting.

Now which tech giant would you want to win out in the Tablet Wars?


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