Shameless Portal 2 Maps Self-Promotion

As it says on the box!  I’m not a code monkey like Mister Q8GEEK, but given a clean and friendly GUI and adequate documentation, I’ve created a few little games.  I’m especially proud in this case because at least one of these levels has managed to stump the Mister himself! (Hint: It’s the second one!)

“But Mrs. Q,” you protest, “I’ve never downloaded maps before!  I didn’t even know this was a thing!”

[In the event this isn’t you, go ahead and skip to the map names below!  Have a cookie too!]

“Well,” I answer, “Portal 2 is such an awesome game and Valve is so cool, they gave people tools to make their own puzzles.  Then they made the tools even easier to use so that even n00bz like me could do it!”

So you’re all, “Oooh.  That’s cool.  You’re cool too, Mrs. Q.  Show me the puzzles!”

I thought you’d never ask!  Here’s a quick how-to:

  1. Find my Workshop page here.  Log in to your Steam account, then click on the two green [+] boxes.
  2. Launch Steam and Portal 2.  The maps will be under “Community Test Chambers” – Single Player.

Alternatively, if you want to subscribe directly from Steam:

  1. From the Community tab, select Workshop.  In the “Search for a Workshop” bar on the right, enter Portal 2.
  2. In the “Search Portal 2” bar, search for “sink“; click on the eighth result.  The second map, the one the amazing Q8GEEK gave up on, is called “Noncomformity Test #347“.  It’s the only one there.

The second one is harder than the first, and if you’re not patient –like Q8GEEK– you’ll die a lot.  Have fun!  =D

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