Wordplay of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Few days ago, I wanted to go with my wife to have lunch. But due to some commitments, we had to have that later. Not lunch, yet not dinner either.

As a joke, she said “Late brunch”. So this got us going on wordplay.

Here’s the rule:

  1. We start the word from the meal you’re closer to.
  2. It’s optional to borrow more letters from the word we’re closer to.
  3. You can’t re-use the meal’s letters in the same word (Can’t say BreakLunchFast, for example. Or Blunchfast. Heh heh heh. BlunchFast. Blast. BLAST!!).
  4. If you decide to have a meal in the middle of both meals, you try to borrow the same amount of letters from both meals only to prioritize the previous on the latter.

Example of this:
Assuming you have breakfast by 8am, lunch by 2pm, and dinner by 8pm.
A meal from breakfast to 11am is Breanch.
A meal by 11am is Brunch
A meal from 11am to lunch is Lunf (Or could be Lunb. But F is easier than B so I personally prefer Lunf. You can come up with something preferred).
A meal from lunch to 5pm is Lunner
A meal by 5pm is Lunner too since both of Dinner and Lunch have “N” in the center. What a coincidence! You can be creative and come up with something. That’s what I came up with.
A meal from 5pm to dinner is Dunch. Or even Dinch.
A meal from dinner to 2am is Dinkfast. Or Dast.
A meal by 2am is Dinst.
A meal from 2am to breakfast is Breaner.

Weird naming, I know. But that’s what I came up with by the time I wrote this post while slacking taking a break from work.

Silly, but try it out. Can be fun if you’re into wordplay.

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