My adventure with GUST Episode 3

First thing when I got in today, I noticed something, I became somewhat sad. On the same computer that I had ubutnu running on, windows vista screen-saver was on the screen. Yeah, it was vista and I knew that would happen since this week is the registration week. I pressed the shutdown button and after it halted, I pressed the power button. And GRUB WAS THERE :)!! That means they know about it, but switched to windows(at least one knows). It booted in seconds and the desktop was up. I checked the Recent Documents, but it seems that no one have used it 🙁

Anyhow, as I mentioned in the last episode, I needed to configure the printers. And my problem was: it lists a lot. I got an idea that would solve it if it works, since it’s listing all the printers connected to the network. If i get the complete list of the printers, disconnect a printer from the network the easy way(disconnect the Ethernet wire), and then refresh the list i should know that one is missing and that is the one. So I first took a screen-shot of the complete list then disconnected one of the two printers. I returned to the PC and re-searched for printers, one was missing as expected. I compared the two lists and got the needed details of the printer. I connected the wire again and configured the printer. And It works! Then I did the same for the second printers 🙂 Now they both work, see I’m not evil!

But, I haven’t configured the Xerox one, I dunno should i? Cause that could cause trouble if someone decided to print inconvenient stuff through Xerox!

After some time it was prayer time so Q8BKman and I got up and went out. When we returned it was fishy when I saw the PC desktop was still there, it usually switch to screen-saver mode, just like last time! I ignored that and sat down. I had Firefox minimized before I got out, but when I looked it wasn’t in the task-bar, not even one of the running processes. So I knew it was closed; either by a person, which I doubted cause there was only one person in the library and he was far away from “my” PC, or it crashed for some reason. Anyways, I viewed the history to go to the pages I was reading and realized they weren’t the last ones, somebody used the PC before we came back! YAY 🙂 He/She was doing some stuff on GUST website, typically his gust number was shown since he logged in and didn’t delete the history, but I didn’t take it.

After a while I tried to install Warsow, a fps game, but there was a problem in Qulitynet’s ubuntu archive, checksums didn’t match, and the other servers are too slow! I’ll deal with that later.

So that is what happened today! I really don’t know what to do the next time I go there… maybe install M$ Office 2007 so that the freaks out there don’t freak out when they don’t find M$ office. BTW, ideas are welcomed. But, gee, do you think it’ll live for the next time? and the fact that they are going to put windows 7 on them as Deathgram mentioned… I don’t know! All I know is I’ll continue doing this big favor 🙂

This is me doing the "big favor", see workin' all hard! Taken by Q8BKman

11 thoughts on “My adventure with GUST Episode 3

  1. for the windows 7 deal, i saw them training on it since last semester, but looking at how GUST work, it will probably be a good year or maybe 2 before they finally do 7 -_- i hate how things are slow in here.

    for your printer problem, couln’t you just check on the other computers, which printer is being used >.>

  2. i tried that but it required admins password, and the info given when choosing printer to print isnt enough! I could have used ophcrack but had that as my plan B.

  3. Lol looks like your having too much fun over there, arent you?
    Pretty cool, pretty cool, indeed.
    Hey, I have a suggestion! Why don’t you try to do the same in KUNIV? Try their computer labs? 😀

  4. To be honest, I’m having a blast!

    labs maybe, library No! @ the science library they have very old PCs + IT people there are like electrons to an atom, though i think i’ll try one day.

    PS: Im talking about science library not engineering, their PCs are actually very good!

    BTW, i know why you’re suggesting this, cause you wanna mess with it, but it would be easier since KUNIV doesn’t have IT people for labs 🙂

    aand which lab do you have in mind?

  5. Exactly my reason why I said mess with pc in the labs not the library, pc’s in the library are too “open”
    And I don’t see much difference between Eng.and science library pc’s…
    Duh! Of course I wanna mess with it afterwards lol, why else would I ask :p But I’ll let you do the (hard) but cool work first, heheh. (evilness, ik)
    Hmm let’s see…. How about Lab #3 in building 1? Cuz that’s the one I tried (but failed, due to my ill-experience) to mess with :/

  6. I’ll need to check that place first since i know almost nothing about B.1

    And hey you all, can i have some suggestions what to do next time(some programs to install?), i need some stuff to write about in episode 4!!

  7. hopefully i’ll remember next time, but hey i might not go there until next week. You know i don’t have a student card, Q8BKman is my ticket 😉

    anyone else wants anything?

  8. checksum errors are caused by updates in the main repo that haven’t been synced to qnet’s yet. give it 4 hours and the problem should be resolved.. unless the main repo gets updated again.

    @deathgram: so you code c huh.. what’s wrong with the good old terminal and gedit?

  9. @Anxious: am on the pc using ubuntu, thats the only good thing about university for now -_-

    @sigtermer: rather C++ than C, code::blocks helps a lot >.>

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