Get in Fit for SUMMER!

This is not a typical thing you would see in a Geeks website but I feel that fitness is important for everyone as it’ll you get motivated to a healthier living.

How many of you wished to change your current lifestyle to a better and healthier one. We all wanted that lifestyle but the problem rises about “What should I eat? How should I workout? Are protein shakes any good?” and etc… The list of questions and myths goes on and on. Worst part is when you have the passion to do something about it and then you ask someone who is more experienced in that field he/she will tell you “Do your own research.” which retaliates you to a negative feeling and makes you lose that passion you’ve had earlier. Yes it hurts and researching on a particular health topic is not easy.

A long time ago back in 2005, I stumbled on this guy who goes by the user name SCOOBY1961 on youtube. I consider this guys as a hero and an idol to me. Why? Because all the stuff you ever wanted to know on fitness he explains it perfectly in his videos. At first I was really skeptical about his workout and dieting routine however all the things he says are totally clean and true! Best of all his resources are for FREE!

So here is my little story. I’ve started following his methods since the beginning of January of 2010 as I have decided to start my journey in body building. I used to weigh 104 KG and now I weigh 95 KG! That’s 9 freak’n Kilos GONE in ONE MONTH! I’ve also built some good toned muscles as well! It’s no joke folks, if you don’t believe me you can ask either Loolykinns or Eleet. I see them from time to time and they noticed a major difference in my body. The secret is dedication. With dedication comes in exercising and eating right. If you don’t eat correctly you are NOT going to gain nothing even if you work your butt off from today till tomorrow and after, It all comes down to what goes into your body. This is what I learned from Scooby.

So without any further, if you are interested in making a change for yourself check out his youtube page under SCOOBY1961 or visit his free website at Scooby’s WorkShop for full resource references. Now should you have any questions or if your not looking into body building but just wanted lose, tone, strength or have a swimmers body, check out his forums at and post away. In the forums you’ll be greeted by many fitness professional instructors or experienced users who are more than happy to guide to your new route.

Another note I would like to add. You don’t need to pay for a gym membership to get in shape. You can do it at home or at a local park. All you need is motivation, your personal journal, a good set of weights and some creativity. Scooby will show you how to put everything together.

4 thoughts on “Get in Fit for SUMMER!

  1. nice post…my weight is 60…I need to work a little more on my body by the way what is the best training to have a 6 pack…I mean is it (set-ups)?

  2. ya I know I watched some of them and most of them say u need to do cardio but its hard to do cardio while keeing school in mind,u know what i mean ?(since school is about to enter our life again)

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