Almost done switching to JustHost

Alrighty, I atleast freeked out 3 guys I know, so I don’t know how many visitors I’e actually freeked out.

Anyway, I finished the required emails to move my website from Palmhost to Justhost.

Things are still in progress so you might as well witness some stability issues and delay in browsing. Well, Justhost are backing up my whole website from Palmhost to their and it’ll be running good hopefully soon.

Palmhost weren’t bad. I just demand more and they can’t provide me with my demand. Which is why I’m shifting away from them to Justhost.

Justhost, in the other hand, were so responsive and cooperative that I thought it’ll take a little bit longer to reach the stage I am in right now.

I’ll let you guys know whenever I finish moving my stuff. =D

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