Monochrome Painter: Fixed rights

Because of this pretentious self-entitled fuck, I figured I might as well try to look into stripping some permissions away that I don’t really need.

So first, I decided to take down the functionality to save a screenshot on your phone. This however doesn’t mean I disabled the ability to share how you lost in twitter; I simply found another workaround where it saves a screenshot temporary inside the game and share that to twitter instead of saving it to a file then reloading that file and sharing it.

Now I thought I’m done and I don’t need to adjust rights and all… I was wrong.

I went back to AndroidManifest.xml (I’m not exactly sure if that’s the exact filename. But something close to that) and commented out rights that I don’t need…


So yes, here’s a QRCODE image the proper monochromePainter (You can click it instead too!) if you’d like to give it a shot before I release it on Google Play store 😀


While fixing the rights thingy, I had minor stuff to fix in the PHP downloader script I made…

8 thoughts on “Monochrome Painter: Fixed rights

  1. Hi there.

    I have some bad news and some good news. Bad news: Monochrome painter refused to work on all the android devices that I own. The first device I tried was my trusty cheep phone (has a suprisingly decent graphics core). The screen flashes white, then the app closes. I tried again a couple of days later with a galaxy note 8, which manages to keep the app from crashing, but the app never gets past the white screen.

    Good news, you can fix these bugs before releasing it on the app store, and avoid all those one-star ratings.

    1. Alright, on with the bad news:
      You mentioned devices, but no OSes.
      Just mentioning what devices you tried on doesn’t really help troubleshooting, y’know.
      According to the deployment preference in Unity, this works on Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich (API Level 14) and above and OpenGL ES 3.0.

      On to the good news:
      Virtually all devices that tried it (That have the recent OSes) ran with no biggies.

      I’m tired of your fake emails and nicknames. You want proper feedback or help troubleshoot, write down a valid email to contact you with.

      1. Yep. It seems that that the lack of opengl es 3 support is the problem. The phone (4.1.1) only supports es 2. The tablet isn’t with me so I can’t check.

        You should add some sort of runtime check and notify the user if his device is not compatible, especially if you can’t handle dependencies at the installation stage.

        As for email: I don’t hand out that type of information unless it is necessary. This is a matter of principle and is a general policy I follow on every site. Since we’re able to communicate just fine, I’ll have to ask you to bare with it

        1. At least use a consistent alias so I’d know who I’m dealing with.
          Even though I have an idea exactly who…

        2. I watered it down to 2.3 I guess and OpenGL ES2:

          If that didn’t work (Or slow because of bloated phone), I give up on you and we should talk in real time (IM, emails, skype, whatever) to nail it down.

          1. I was going to post a snarky comment about you spoiling me, but was instead blown away by your game. Well done loolykins. Well done!

            Playing this game, I got the impression that this is a game that was designed around a simple core concept and is intended to be quick to play. And to that end, you have succeeded with flying colors (pun intended).

            The minimalistic visual and audio aesthetic, and the way you combined both to present a immersive experience is brilliant. Even more brilliant is the apparent fact that you were able to resist subverting the core concept with “enhancements”, something that many game developers fall pray to.

            Another aspect of monochrome painter that I liked (and many game developers get wrong) is that the how-ti-play screen was very clear and unambiguous on how to hold the device when idle. This little piece of information made me enjoy your game rather that fell frustrated while trying to deduce the idle orientation.

            To be completely honest, I’m pleasantly suppressed that this game is as well-made and thought-out as it turned out to be.

            Concerns that I feel give off an amateurish vibe: I obviously haven’t played it enough to judge game replayability. It might be like tetris where the challenge is enough to keep the player engaged, but it also might not be. Experiment?

            The white background goes a long way to enforce that minimalistic atheistic but it does feel empty. I’m not suggesting that you put in a full color background, but why not a subtle pattern (think digimon the movie-style backdrops)

            All in all, a good game that I would keep installed.

          2. Two suggestions:
            1. Add a way to set the idle control oriantation. This way people can play whilst lying down.

            2. Inhance replayability by making past actions directly influence the game’s future in a tangible way (drasticly if possible). As it is, cp is too linear.

          3. I’m honestly happy that you liked it. I’m no where close to be satisfied to call it a “Finally done” game. But will push it to the store very soon.

            Now for the suggestions:
            The accelerometer sensor in Android calculates tilting and yawing values from -1 to 1. As in, if you do 180 from facing front, going up then down behind, it goes from 0 to 1 to 0 again. So it’s hard to really determine where you’re pointing if you passed an extreme level.
            That being said, I’m still experimenting on so I might even change something in the far future that’d change the game’s core of some sort.

            2. I’ll think about that in a later stage because I’m pausing adding stuff to this game for now; gotta work on other games I have in mind. Even when I start, there are other things I want to add first like power-ups and maybe explosions of some sort.

            But yeah, thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed playing it 😀

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