Monochrome Painter: Fancy Shmancy!

So after kicking some senses in me by a friend, I decided to add this little thing in the game: explosion.

Yes, EXPLOSIOOOOON!! (Old Spice style!).

No really… I added some explosion effect where if you hit a cube or sphere, it explodes with a silly sound, and takes the color of the cube it exploded from.

That, and I delayed the (Restart/Quit) messages a fraction of a second so that when you want to share a screenshot, they don’t show (And the explosion will show).

This will hopefully be the last revision before pushing it to the Google Play. I’ve been getting some more suggestions from many people which is amazing. However, I can’t implement everything right now due to a mixture of lack of skills, time, and wanting to experiment more before deciding on what to add and what not to add.

In any event, if you’re interested in giving the game a shot, you can scan the code below or click\tap it 😀


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