Working up my way to GameDev: Beta version of my MonochromePainter

If you made it to Q8CON back in February and had a taste of MonochromePainter on Oculus Rift, you’d probably be familiar with what you’d see here!

So, long story short, I decided as an entry step, I’d port that game on Android.

You might think it was an easy task. It wasn’t. I spent sleepless nights just hacking it into Android and make it playable Not because of the endless deathwish coffee pots I kept on making/

This game is about dodging cubes and spheres by tilting the phone while painting them by tapping on the screen.

You can tweet your score in a screen shot (Shown above).

If you’re bored, please download the beta by scanning the QRCODE below or clicking it:

4 thoughts on “Working up my way to GameDev: Beta version of my MonochromePainter

  1. Not a single word about Facebook buying oculus? And here i was waiting for a rant. You disappoint me.

    Downloaded the apk, but was met with an unpleasant supprise: it requires Internet permissions WITH SD card access. I don’t want to sound like the pretentious self-entitled fuck that I am, so I’ll put in the nicest way I know how. I don’t trust you enough to run something you wrote without compiling it from source or it being contained in a sand box. If I were you, I’d take it as a complement.

    Loose internet permissions or the ability to access the SD card.

    1. I wanted to rant about the Facebook acquisition. In fact, I was close enough to call those who borrow my two Oculus Rifts to smash them with a sledgehammer. After calming down, I realized it is ambiguous to determine if it’s bad or good. Basically, I’m still down the road, but I’m keeping my eyes open for Facebook fuckery.

      Now, the APK:
      The reason why it requires the ability to access SD is that because the game takes a screenshot of how you lost and save it in a fail in it’s parent folder.

      The reason why it requires internet is because it gives you the option to tweet how you lost through a Twitter App I made which has read\write rights. As in, the app tweets on your behalf.

      If you’re not comfortable with these two features and wanted a dumbed-down version of this game, I would send you a download link. But you hadn’t provided a valid email to reply to you…

      Sooooo yeah, bananas….

  2. He lost his touch unfortunately, No apple bashing, and submitting to the evil, that is facebook. What’s next? getting an Iphone? hehehe 😛

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