[Migrated from Loolykinns] A story from FASTtelco’s era: What the hell is this!?

In every job, specially Call Centers, you start it up with doubting your rights, what you’re supposed to do, you’re not not supposed to do, what you’re support the customer and what not to support the customer with… Then you get a grip of rules and policies and you start doing well or fail till you get sacked. Fortunately, me quitting was a loss for both parties (Hey, their download speed made it for the low salary xD)

Anyway, this customer called and he wants to download MSN Messenger. We don’t really support these issues and I’m not supposed to guide him through.

But because he was an older man and he’s well mannered, he won, so I started to help him out.

We started step by step into going to MSN website and all the way to download the Messenger. Because the computer native language is set to Arabic, so it shows almost everything in Arabic which was a challenge for me but I managed to get things done. And yes, you know how nasty things can be when translated to Arabic 😛

So, here’s the convo:
Customer: ياولدي طلعتلي دقمة تقول انقر هنا
Me: إي طق عليها عشان تبلش تنزل البرنامج مال المسنجر
Customer: انقر هنا … شنو هذا؟ شهالكمبيوتر السرسري
*Me laughed a bit*
Customer: لايكون متقصدها؟ (With this kidding tone)
*Me laughed waay harder*
Customer: أقول انا ليش مكمل معاي
*We both laughed*
Me: لا ياطويل العمر هذي الترجمة لكلمة كليك
Customer: وشفيها كلمة اضغط؟
Me: شدراك دزلهم ايميل يمكن يصلحونها؟
Customer: يامعود انا خل اشبك حتى دايل آب موعارف

So we solved it, the man downloaded MSN Messenger and we both had a good time.

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