[Migrated from Loolykinns] Bringing back some old memories: A story from FASTtelco’s era; Dunhill Diet!

Back in the days when I first graduated, I worked in FASTtelco’s HD department (Not High Definition, idiots… Helpdesk xD).

Anyway, I’m planning on bringing some entertaining old stories and events that occurred while I was working there. And I’ll start with this Dunhil Diet story.

I’ll skip the introduction and what happened, and get straight to the funny part:

Me: Sir, your password is “A” like “Apple”, “P” like “Pepsi”, “7” like —-
Customer: “7” Like “7up”?
Me: *Laughs* Well you know sir, there are some letters where people can mistake them over the phone. That happens to be too.
Customer: *Laughs* you know, you just remind me of a story happened few months ago. Wanna hear it?
Me: Sure, why not?
Customer: I work in some super market. And there’s this customer who just stepped into the tobacco store. And he said this: “عطني دنهل دايت”.
Me: What!?
Customer: You heard me right. He said “عطني دنهل دايت”. I asked him which one, he pointed at the blue one. You know how blue and bright ones in drinks are usually the diet and sugar-free ones? He applied that on smokes… Hello?
Me: *Laughing like an idiot* Sorry, I just fell off my chair! You serious!? Dunhill Diet!?
Customer: *Laughing along* I couldn’t handle it myself that I walked out the store!

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