Baby shower? NO, ANXIOUS SHOWER!!!

Okay, tonight I received two things that i really really like!! It’s been a while to get such!

First, I finally received my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS CDs! I know it’s a bit late cause i ordered one extra for my presentation which took place the last Saturday! So currently i have one extra CD! But i really like the new design 🙂 Got three, gave one to my dad, one for myself, and one waiting to be taken!! And if you’re just asking, I did download it since got released and installed it on several PCs!

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Okay the other thing is a gift from my little sister!! I REALLY <3 IT!!! LOL, All i can say is “she knows me well”!! When I was about to have diner she asked me to close my eyes! I refused, but she had her hands on my eyes, told me to open my hand, did so, and then she placed something in it!! When I open my eyes I started laughing for two reasons, mainly because she knows the thing im into!! The second is that i didnt think such would be found in Kuwait! I GOT A KEYBOARD ERASER!! IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!! TAKE A LOOK!!!

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The thing is I dont wanna use dem!!! They’ll look bad then!! I dunno!! But the best thing is i can take each key apart!!! I <3 IT!!!

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