Robot Unicorns are Awesome!

Ok. I don’t want to sound queer when I say this but this is the first time I liked a game with unicorns in it. Robot Unicorn Attack is one bad-ass flash game and it will soon be available exclusively to the iphone. I promise you won’t feel bad when you start playing this game.

The game was created by the Adult Swim team. I mean how cool is it to be playing as a robot unicorn that shoots rainbow out of its ass, hitting solid objects by turning into a colorful Megaman fireball with awesome music playing in the background. To me, it’s one hell of a trip. Check it out.

Link: Robot Unicorn Attack

9 thoughts on “Robot Unicorns are Awesome!

  1. the game is really fun, but what the hell is wrong with this awesome song, i cant stop laughing XD

  2. EXACTLY!!!! I don’t know! But you just keep on playng! The song just makes it better! I think once it’s out on the iphone you can change to your own music. Nightwish anyong? 😛

  3. 10th time in a row I heard WTF from friends. Keeps making feel happy that I’m not the only one alone who’s going crazy about this game.

  4. Hey Fencer you can’t beat my score I got 60025 😛 I died at the last part –_– To colorful so many things are going on. Oh the agony! MUST PLAY!!!

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