WP7 DRM cracked to download paid apps for free! FAIL!

The video below is a demonstration of how Windows Phone 7 apps can be downloaded and installed for free!

The video starts ofcourse by clarifying their intention which is to demonstrate a proof of concept and not to promote piracy. They’ve already contacted Microsoft and let them know.

Even though the Video doesn’t say much about it or shows real examples of paid apps being downloaded and installed for free, I hope Microsoft starts patching this up real quick.

Note to iPhone and Android junkies and fanboys:
Each phone has its issues… Stay away from bashing the failed Windows Phone 7 Marketplace (I’ve already bashed so… Enough :P)


3 thoughts on “WP7 DRM cracked to download paid apps for free! FAIL!

  1. I feel like bashing so…

    Bill Gates sucks, Windows sucks, Windows 7 phone is stupid and its just a gimmick to get some share in the phone market

    off topic: Adam tablet just got released and it looks awesome.

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