IBM’s Linux wrist-watches died, … Apple’s are born!

Some already know that there used to be a linux-based wristwatch by IBM! However, it’s been a long time since then, and people wanted something similar! That’s why some people got innovative with the 6th generation iPod nano! If you take a look at it, it’s a complete square with no facing buttons; it looks like it could be a wristwatch! That added to the trivial fact that it has a clock application, it transformed into a wristwatch!

It’s just the housing that makes it all! Hex decided to make a rubbery wristband that houses the iPod nano 6G! It gets in, it stays in! It’s a watch! It’s sick!

I say non-biased or non-enlightened geeks should definitely get one of those! However, for a guy like me, I’d rather die than give a hand to the evil company to fulfil its evil plan! NEVER!!

PS: There are some expectations that there will be a jailbreak provided!


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